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The loss of a commercial driver's license is more than just an inconvenience. With that loss goes your job and your means of making a living. But with an experienced attorney on your side, it may be possible to prevent the loss of your CDL or get it back if it has already been suspended.

Jeff Hoover is a criminal defense attorney who has represented people in DUI and traffic violations since 1988. Mr. Hoover believes in aggressively defending people accused of these crimes, and in seeking the restoration of suspended or revoked commercial driver's licenses. Jeff Hoover will be your strong advocate, standing up for your rights and working hard to protect your driving privileges.

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Remember, paying a fine for a speeding ticket is an admission of guilt. The additional points you get on your record may be enough to get your CDL suspended. Talk to a lawyer before you pay a fine for a commercial driver speeding ticket.

Preventing the Loss of Your CDL

Whenever possible, Jeff Hoover tries to get a DUI or traffic charge dismissed or obtain a not-guilty verdict at trial. Either of these results can make it much easier to prevail in a hearing at the Division of Driver Licensing office in Somerset, Kentucky, when you seek to get your license restored.

When defending someone accused of DUI or a traffic violation, Jeff Hoover closely examines every aspect of the case, looking for mistakes in procedure the police may have made. Hoover and Hurt Law Offices will aggressively defend you at every stage of the legal process.

Restoring a CDL

Jeff Hoover also works to restore the commercial driver's licenses in cases involving CDL suspension or revocation. In some cases, it may be possible to set aside a traffic violation, clearing the way to make an administrative appeal regarding the license. Certain factors, such as your character, your work history, your driving record and your need to provide for your family may provide a means to mitigate your case and get your license reinstated.

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