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End Bullying Today

As a parent, you may never feel more helpless than when your child is being bullied. While the type of bullying has changed, the reaction by the victims is still the same. Confrontations that occur physically and through social media will elicit the same response: fear, helplessness and other negative emotions.

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Protecting The Peace Of Mind Of Children Victimized By Bullying

At Hoover and Hurt Law Offices in Kentucky, we want you to know that you and your child are not helpless to the acts of bullies. Federal and state laws and school policies exist to protect victims. Schools must also be vigilant and not allow bullying to become part of the school’s culture.

The job of a lawyer is simple in these cases: ensure that your child and all children are protected.

Bullying: The Evolution And The Response

Today, bullying is sophisticated. The advent of the internet has introduced children and their parents to cyberbullying. The actual bully is nowhere near the victim nor is the victim in danger of any type of physical assault. Yet, this type of intimidation and terror has forced us to revisit the laws and find the true definition of bullying.

Hoover and Hurt Law Offices represents parents whose children have been victimized by any type of bullying. In investigating these cases, we obtain records of any bullying reports or incidents and ensure that the school complied with state and federal laws. Within the school district where the bullying occurred, we also identify their anti-bullying policies and procedures and determine if they were followed.

Protecting Students From Bullying

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