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Preserving And Protecting Futures In Juvenile Law Matters

As a parent, you love your child and want the best for him or her. If your child has been arrested for a crime, you want strong and effective representation from an experienced juvenile crimes attorney. This is important, because procedures in juvenile court are quite different from those in adult criminal court.

You can protect your child’s future. For a free consultation with a lawyer about a juvenile case, call Hoover and Hurt Law Offices at 270-974-4277.

Jeff Hoover in Jamestown, Kentucky, has more than 30 years of juvenile defense experience, including cases involving theft, shoplifting, vandalism, underage drinking and drug offenses. Mr. Hoover works diligently to help young people who have gotten in trouble with the law. A top priority is always to minimize the effects that a criminal arrest could have on the educational and career prospects of the juvenile.

When representing a client, Jeff Hoover tries to help not only in the court system, but also personally. Often this involves obtaining a solution that addresses underlying problems that the child may have, such as drug use, alcohol use or mental health issues.

Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

Whenever possible, the state of Kentucky believes in rehabilitative approaches in juvenile crime cases. Jeff Hoover has handled many juvenile crime cases and understands how judges and prosecutors view these cases. If circumstances allow it, he will work to obtain an outcome that avoids a conviction and a permanent criminal record. In fact, the law allows for the sealing of a record in many if not all juvenile cases.

Juveniles charged with very serious crimes may face the possibility of being charged in adult court. Jeff Hoover will work tenaciously to prevent this from occurring. Mr. Hoover will use his experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome for your child.

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