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Nothing Is More Important Than Protecting Children

Divorce is disruptive to everyone, but the children are the most affected. Minimizing the disruption is challenging. One of the most effective ways for parents to do so is by working together to find a custody agreement that serves the best interests of the children.

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At Hoover and Hurt Law Offices in Jamestown, we combine sensitivity and firmness in all divorce-related matters. You need to consider your needs and goals in the next chapter of your life, but your children also need to be a focus. We can keep everyone’s needs in mind as we help you through this difficult time.

Addressing The Changes In Family Dynamics

Divorce and separation are major changes for any family to go through. The children’s relationships with both parents — as well as third parties such as grandparents — will be affected. We understand the emotionally charged nature of child custody issues, and we are attuned to the family dynamics that play a key role in these cases.

Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence play a prominent role in some family law issues. These issues can stifle effective parenting and create an unsafe environment for children. Our lawyers can help you address the challenges involved in these situations, whether that means seeking a change in custody, pursuing a restraining order or taking other legal steps to protect yourself and your children.

The Need For Positive Divorce Solutions When Children Are Involved

Nothing is more important than protecting your children; their best interests come first. Attorneys Jeff Hoover and Coleman Hurt believe in positive divorce solutions that involve mediation. They will explore all available options to negotiate a child custody agreement instead of litigating disputes in a courtroom.

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