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When The Stakes Are High In A Divorce

When significant amounts of money are at stake, divorces can quickly turn spouses into warring factions. Financial uncertainty is one of the many issues of a divorce. For many couples, fear sets in for one or both parties and impairs otherwise rational decision-making.

Our experienced attorneys can guide your family through all aspects of your complex divorce, regardless of the challenges you may face. Call 270-974-4277 for a free consultation at our Jamestown office today.

Protecting Your Future And The Best Interests Of Your Children

Regardless of the size of the marital estate, the end of a marriage is still an emotionally charged time. You want to do right by your children and ensure that they are financially stable long into the future. However, you don’t want to give up the money and property you will need to achieve that goal.

At Hoover and Hurt Law Offices, we take on complex, high-asset divorces that involve:

  • Family businesses
  • Private practice
  • Stock options
  • Personal/corporate investments
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate investments and holdings, including second homes and vacation properties
  • Inheritances

Getting To The Facts To Ensure Your Financial Health

During your initial consultation, we will spend the time necessary to get to the issues, both large and small. We bring on experts as needed — including forensic accountants, tax experts, financial planners and other professionals — who help us get to the facts, especially if your spouse is hiding income or assets.

Far too much is at stake, and this includes your and your children’s financial health long into the future. Attending to every detail is vital to ensure that your property is divided fairly.

Protect What Is Yours In A High-Asset Divorce

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